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Stove Fire Makes a Smokey Mess

Fire in a home can be devastating, no matter how small. Even small kitchen fires can cause major damage, from smoke that lingers to soot and dust that can trave... READ MORE

Sewage Cleanup Never a Problem

No matter how ugly a water or sewage damage looks, SERVPRO of Hackensack / Little Ferry will make it our priority to get your home back to it's original conditi... READ MORE

Heavy Rains Damage Building

All you need is a small opening, and water has a will find its way through that opening and make it worse, resulting in eventual major damage if not corrected. ... READ MORE

Basement Got Water? Let SERVPRO Handle It!

The water in this basement was no match for SERVPRO of Hackensack / Little Ferry. Our technicians were on the scene quickly and we were able to extract the all ... READ MORE

Drying Your Home the Right Way

Water leaking from above in this old house severely damaged this older wood floor. Trying to save it became a priority for our technicians. After the placement ... READ MORE

Heavy Spring Storms Cause Basement Flooding

The month of April in New Jersey saw a lot of sudden heavy rain storms, which caused a lot of excess ground water. In some instances, sump pumps either failed o... READ MORE

Water Damage From Broken Pipe

This older home had a broken pipe in the ceiling which caused extensive damage to the living room and dining room. The ceiling, carpet and floor beneath were b... READ MORE

Doctor's Office Suffers Broken Pipe

After a pipe in the ceiling burst, this doctor's office had water damage on three floors, and needed extensive water restoration. Affected were several offices... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO Is the Best For Water Damage

Water leaking from a washing machine on the second floor damaged the ceiling and wood floor in the living area on the first floor. We we not only had to remove ... READ MORE

SERVPRO Boards Up Home After Fire

Fires are evastating, no matter what. Sometimes SERVPRO can clean up when a fire is small and confined to a small part of the house. But when a fire spreads and... READ MORE