Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Hidden Mold Always a Danger

If you discover mold in any room in your home, chances are that there will be mold in other rooms and most likely behind the sheet rock.  SERVPRO was called to this home in Hillsdale for mold discovered in a bedroom, and discovered mold behind sheet rock in the hallway.

Water Damage Reveals Mold

Basements are a breeding ground for mold, and you may not even know you have any. SERVPRO of Hackensack/Little Ferry discovered mold growth in this home after we were called in for water damage.

Discovery of Mold

After moving furniture during a water cleanup, mold was discovered in a wall recess. This is common, especially in basements where it can be damp and cold/humid. After the water loss, SERVPRO helped the homeowner with mold mitigation.

Mold Grows Anywhere

Garages can be a tricky place for mold. Because they are not temperature controlled nor have true ventilation, they are susceptible to extreme temperature changes. Just a little bit of moisture can result in mold growth.

Mold Hidden in a Wall

Mold can grow anywhere and in any season if given the right conditions. Once mold finds the perfect environment it will continue to grow and spread unless properly treated. Mold was growing rampant in a bathroom, which was undetected until the sink and vanity were removed.