Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Spring Rain Causes Roof Leak

When severe storms hit New Jersey over the weekend, this kitchen ceiling collapsed due to water leaking through the roof. Fortunately that is exactly what SERVPRO specializes in - fixing water damaged caused by most everything and making it "Like it never even happened."

Heavy Rains Cause Water Through Basement Window

During periods of heavy rain, it is very common that water will find its way into your basement, either through your foundation or floor, but very often through a casement window. These window are often at ground level, and if the ground is already saturated with water, it is very easy for it to come in through a window.

Winter Storm Harper Causes Deep Freeze in New Jersey

The end of January saw Winter Storm Harper make its way across the country, dropping snow and plunging temperatures from the Midwest to the East Coast. SERVPRO saw many instances of frozen pipes that burst, such as this one in a hall closet in Hasbrouck Heights, that caused water damage throughout the entire house and basement.

Groundwater Seeps Into Basement

Too much rain in New Jersey this season means that when the ground is saturated, basements get wet. Usually groundwater will seep in through foundations or, in torrential downpours, through windows or cracks. 

Extra Help Needed to Dry Basement

NJ had a lot of rain, resulting in wet basements throughout the area. In this particular home, in order to heat the space and help it dry a diesel powered indirect heater was used to speed up the process.

Beware Winter Woes

Winter storms can bring an array of issues from frozen pipes, ice dams to melting snow in your basement. Exposed water pipes should be wrapped and faucets should be turned on to allow a trickle to come through to prevent freezing and pipes bursting. Leaking roofs need to be patched or re-freezing precipitation could widen gaps and bring in more water and cold. Clogged gutters should be cleared to let liquid flow and not get a chance to freeze so gutters weigh down.